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With the cut-throat nature of contemporary business markets, we know it may be difficult to gain the momentum necessary to establish your business or reach its potential. This is why we offer a range of services for your business and/or corporation, to ensure that you surpass your expectations of what your business would be able to achieve.


We believe that each client has a plethora of potential to exhibit to the world, and we tailor our services to your specific objectives. To setup your foundation, we will ​draft the corporate documents and bylaws necessary to organize your business structure and calculate the necessary plans of action to proliferate it.​


Drafting of all types of contracts: leases, service agreements, sales, transactions, shareholder agreements, confidentiality agreements, loans, and more.


We offer Independent legal advice in in corporate and business law.

Business Strategy


Sometimes, the magnitude of problems facing your business can become overwhelming and excessive. We build plans that provide blockades and preventative measures so that everything is processed smoothly. These plans will stimulate the most effective aspects of you and your corporation, as well as be more attentive to and build up its less-stable legs. 

Corporate Development


After setting up the structure of your business, in addition to its goals and objectives for the future, we will draft the documents necessary for your corporation to gain full-credibility as a powerhouse and reputable name.

Corporate or Fiscal Reorganization
 If your business is evolving or expanding, you may be looking to change the nature or legal structure to adapt to this new situation. With help from tax lawyers and accountants, we help you navigate these changes to reorganize and update your business structure. 
​Operations Management


After your business has been established, there are many more elements to consider in order to keep the business running smoothly. There's a solution to every scenario your entity will encounter, and we're there to help you face it effectively before it even arises.  

Our goal is to render your objectives & interests into a profession. By aligning your goals with our expertise, we guarantee that you will be legally protected in terms of conducting your daily business routines. We will happily draft the following to legitimize your business activities and day-to-day transactions:


  1. Partnership Agreements,

  2. Shareholders Agreements,

  3. Non-Disclosure Agreements,

  4. Service Agreements,

  5. Corporate resolutions,

  6. Corporate minute books and registries

  7. Lease Agreements, and much more.

Real Estate Management and counseling


If you own a commercial or residential property, chances are you may have had some troubles or past legal issues arise with your tenants. Or, as a tenant, you may have had troubles with your landlords. We offer a range of legal services including the overall management of your property; most importantly, we deal with any legal issues and disputes that may have risen between landlord and tenant. We deal with unpaid rent, property damage, and several other problems that cam be bothersome and cause headaches.



With the vast amount of expenses and finances running in and out of your company, we create a plan of action to keep everything accounted for in a credible and easy-to-view manner. Everyday will bring something new to your table, and everyday we will ensure the proper regulation of your account with us.

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